Meet Ashley-Lauren

Ashley-Lauren is an ordained minister, recording artist and life-long entrepreneur.  She is always finding ways to serve others and in addition to running her own company, is a leader at Elevation Church and a survivor speaker at The Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center.  She’s lived in New York City for three years and taking advantage of …

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How to Beat Imposter Syndrome

Does any of this sound familiar? “What if my clients realize that I’m still trying to figure this all out?” “If anyone asks me how long I’ve been in business they’ll find out I’m a fraud.” Or my personal favorite, “Look at her, she’s younger than me and so much further along…I can’t pretend to …

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Janet Gifford

Meet Janet

Janet is a mother of five boys, all of whom are grown now.  As a lifetime entrepreneur with 40 years of experience, she currently runs two businesses and loves being busy and exploring all the possibilities.  Q: Why did you become an entrepreneur? A: The funny thing is, nobody in my family were entrepreneurs, they were all …

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Meet Annie

Annie is a mother of three and works full time as the founder and CEO of Vivid Reveal where she offers coaching and consulting on Emotional Intelligence Brand Strategy, Effective Communication, and Visual Storytelling Content Creation.  Recently Annie has also launched the non-profit, Vivid Visionaries.  Q: Why did you decide to leave paid work? A:  I hated …

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Meet Cassandra

Meet Cassandra

Cassandra is a mother of one and works full time for a Children’s Hospital overseeing a financial portfolio for research grants.  She is also the founder and CEO of Blossom to Bliss, a strategic planning agency for non-profits and individuals.  Her story will inspire to you follow your heart . Q: Why did you decide …

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Meet Karen

Meet Karen

Karen is a mother of one and a Managing Director of Sales Effectiveness.  She will be celebrating 34 years with the same company later this year!  Her daughter is beginning to look at colleges, as well as getting ready to pass her driver’s test.  I hope you enjoy learning more about her return to work …

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Return to Work

Thinking About Returning to Paid Work?

Are you looking for tips on how to return to paid work? I’m so excited to share my latest contribution to Portland Mom’s Blog.  Head there now to read about my 3 tips to starting your journey from Stay At Home Mom to Working Mom on the right foot.    Read it Now!

5 Networking Tips for Moms

For most people, networking is difficult, uncomfortable or even dreaded.  As someone who can easily shift into extrovert mode, I’ve been able to navigate networking pretty easily.  After becoming a mom however, networking is the last thing I want to do.   I could quickly rattle off a huge list of reasons why networking is so …

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New Year’s Resolutions – How to Turn Resolutions Into Reality

Happy New Year!  It’s the first Monday of 2020 and for me, it’s my first day back to work.  As I got situated in my home office the normal pressures and routines hit me like a freight train. As instantly as my computer connected to the internet, those pressures started competing with my fresh intentions …

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