Business Failure

Why My First Business Failed

When I filed my LLC and opened my virtual doors, I was sure my business would be a success.  For one thing, the business course I paid thousands of dollars for promised me a never-ending stream of clients.  There were also the marketing and Instagram programs I invested in that promised the same.  To back all that up, I was a certified coach, with a good heart, and I knew I could really help people!  So, the fact that I felt I was answering God’s calling, was just the cherry on top of a sure-thing sundae.

For the first year, I was still working full-time in corporate America and easing myself in to building my business.  With the full-time job taking most of my time and having two little ones at home, I was only slightly discouraged that I had only one client (who I gave a steep discount.)  Eventually I decided my lack of growth was because I had a full-time job.  So, I made a plan to leave my stable, guaranteed pay check, and give my coaching business my full attention.  After all, I was certain that was the only thing holding me back.

Four months after giving “100%” to my coaching business I still had no clients.  To make matters worse, I now had no motivation and lost all confidence in myself, my calling and even God.  I had scraped the bottom of my entrepreneurial barrel and sat down with my husband to decide if I should go back to a traditional job, or if I should give entrepreneurship one last try. 

When faced with the prospect of going back to work for someone else, reality came into sharp focus.  All of a sudden, I could see what had been my giant blind spot.

The truth was, I hadn’t given 100%.  I hadn’t done the real, hard, work I knew I needed to do.  I was hoping for fate to step in and take over.  I was waiting for a short cut to success.


Here is why my business failed:

  1. I didn’t commit fully to my business.
  2. I didn’t treat my business as a business.
  3. I didn’t have a CEO mindset.
  4. I made too many excuses.

Although it’s tough to admit that my first business failed, I’m glad it did.  I learned what is really required of a mompreneur.  I also learned how badly I want to be a successful mompreneur.  Now, I have made a non-negotiable commitment to my business, and I’ve never looked back.  

Here are other steps I took to turn things around...

  1. I closed my first coaching business. Just because I felt emotionally connected to this business, wasn’t a reason for me to stay aboard a sinking ship.
  2. I refocused on serving a new client that I could serve well AND that would pay for what I offer.
  3. I got laser focused on the tasks that would move me toward my goals…and nothing else.
  4. I created a morning routine and started getting up at 5:30 AM to start my day off on the right foot.
  5. I committed to doing the work. Even the work I don’t enjoy. (Check out my accountability planner to see how I do this!)

Since committing to my new business and taking action on the lessons I learned from failure, my Mompreneur Business Accelerator has grown faster in its first 4 weeks than my other business did in 18 months.  I’ll be totally honest and tell you that I haven’t met all of my business goals (yet,) but I know I’ll get there.  In the meantime, I’m focused on the future, enjoying the moment and looking forward to the next opportunity I have to learn how to do things even better.

Are you ready to fully commit to your business?  Set up a free call with me and learn what your next three steps are to meet your goals.