My Mompreneur Morning Routine

If you’ve been in the personal or professional development space for more than 30 seconds, some expert has told you that you need a morning routine.  As a fledgling entrepreneur trying to stay motivated and gain direction, that’s what I was told, and I dove head first into implementing a morning routine.

I sat down to craft the start to my day and I was convinced that this would provide the motivation and direction I desperately needed.  I believed (and I was told) that if I could master my morning, everything else would fall right into place.  So I followed the guidance of the “experts” and had a morning routine that included over ten activities.  

After only four days, I went back to using my kids as my alarm clock.  

My days continued to lack direction and motivation, and while there were likely several factors, I believe this was a big reason why my first business ended up failing.  When I decided to launch the Mompreneur Business Academy, full of renewed commitment to being a mompreneur, I decided to give a morning routine one more try.  This time though, I didn’t replicate someone else’s routine.  I created something custom fit to me, and instead of a morning routine, I created several, mini-routines throughout the day.

a few lessons learned...

  • If your kids need your help in the morning, waiting to get up until they are up means you’ll probably feel a behind all day. For those of you who are night owls…I’m talking to you!
  • Morning routines (or routines in general) are NOT one size fits all. Do not replicate someone else’s routine and think it will work for you.
  • Be prepared for trial and error. If you create a couple of different routines for your day and you aren’t able to stick to them, instead of beating yourself up, go back to the drawing board.  It’s not that you’re doing something wrong, it’s that you haven’t found the right routine yet.
  • The right routines really can unlock your day

Thoughts to consider when building your routine...

  1. Be clear on what you want the mini-routine to give you.
  2. How much time can you reasonably add to what you already do while still getting a good night sleep and not adding stress?
  3. What activities help you to wake up, feel good, and get motivated? For any mini-routine, I recommend focusing on 1-3 activities that are surefire ways to get you motivated and focused at the task at hand. 
  4. Reflect on your day and find those moments when a routine could be beneficial.  When are you making any big transitions?  When do you need an extra dose of motivation, direction or peace?  These are the times yearning for you to insert a mini routine.  

My Mini Routines

For those of you who are curious about what my daily routines, here they are. 

Morning Routine

5:30 AM – Wake Up + 10 minute meditation (I use Insight Timer) 5:45 AM – Exercise 6:30 AM – Shower, Dress, Makeup 7:00 AM – Kids are up! 7:30 AM – Breakfast with the family

Start Work Routine

I usually start my work day at 8:00 AM but regardless of when I actually start, here are the steps I take.

Step 1: Write in gratitude journal

Step 2: Complete accountability planner for the day.

Step 3: Complete social media checklist

Transition to Family Time Routine

Much like my start work routine, the time I start my transition routine may shift depending on the day.

Step 1: Review next day’s calendar

Step 2: Write in gratitude journal

Step 3: Stretch + 5 belly breaths OR guided meditation

Since implementing my mini routines, my day, my life and my business have been transformed.  I recommend every mompreneur be intentional, not just about her morning but about her whole day.  I’d love to hear about what routines have helped transform your life and business.  Come visit us in the Mompreneur Connection and share your story.