Mompreneur Mayoni

Meet Mayoni

Mayoni (or mimi to her friends) is a single mom of 10 year old twin girls and a 5 year old boy.  After practicing medicine in rural Sri Lanka, she now empowers mental and physical health for kids.

Q: Why did you become an Entrepreneur?

A: My girls inspired me to start Jammiespree. When they were 4 years old, they wanted to wear nightgowns, but I couldn’t find any that weren’t 100% synthetic. After researching, I learned children’s sleepwear can not be flammable in Canada and the US.  This is why all loose-fitting children’s nightgowns are 100% polyester or treated with flame retardant chemicals which are shown to have serious health effects.  (For more information on health effects please reference articles at the end of this post.)

I knew there had to be a better solution and came up with a cotton blend fabric  inherently flame retardant without needing any chemicals.  And so, Jammiespree was born!

Q: Tell us about your business.

A: Jammiespree Sleepwear offers children’s cotton sleepwear completely free of flame retardants. 

Q: What is your personal mission, or your big why?

A: My personal mission is to provide resources for children to be healthy!  

In addition to Jammiespree, I have a YouTube channel dedicated to improving children’s Emotional Intelligence.   I believe much of our society’s problems (depression, intolerance, and lack of empathy for example,) could be improved if we had the taught children tools such as mindfulness and meditation. Having good mental habits can help children be more resilient, caring, and have a growth mindset!

Q: How do you integrate work and home?

A: We are on a schedule.  There are specific times when I focus on my main job, Jammiespree and o time to spend with my kids and managing the home.

Q: What has been your biggest lesson to date as a business owner?

A: Take things slow and don’t compare your growth to other people’s milestones. Everybody is going at their own pace and there’s no right or wrong in going where you are. 

Q: Do you have any wisdom to share with your fellow mompreneurs?

A: Work on yourself daily and try to start your day with confidence and gratitude. I am naturally more negative, so I meditate daily and it really helps me see through a more positive lens.  Having a successful business or career is as much about working on yourself as marketing, networking, etc. 

My Key Take-aways: 

  • Don’t waste time and emotion comparing yourself to others
  • Mindfulness is key to business success

If you’re interested in purchasing adorable nightgowns from Jammiespree, visit the website at  Also connect with Mayoni on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

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